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We believe

The first few years of a child's education has a lasting impact on the rest of his life. We nurture young minds to be good human beings and leaders in their chosen field. This is one of the many reason why we are considered as one of the best CBSE school in Bangalore.

Our Journey

CIS was founded by Nalina Satheesha Educational and Charitable Trust with the conviction that a child's early education has a significant and long-lasting impact on their future. Our mission is to foster the growth of young minds into responsible and capable leaders in their respective fields, while instilling the values of kindness and empathy in them.

In 2017, we launched our CBSE wing as part of our ongoing efforts to expand our role in providing quality education to young minds. Our goal is to blend the finest global education practices with the rich cultural traditions of India, to offer a unique and well-rounded learning experience for our students. The inauguration of our CBSE wing was a significant step in this direction.

The institution has undergone a rebranding and is now known as Naksha Academy. We are proud to be affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education in New Delhi, and our affiliation number is 830947. We endeavour to facilitate the holistic development of children and instil in them the values and principles necessary to shape them into responsible citizens of India's future. Our aim is to nurture not only their academic abilities but also their social, emotional, and ethical growth, so that they may contribute positively to society and be well-prepared for the challenges of tomorrow.


Unlike other CBSE schools in Bangalore, Naksha Academy operates in a self-owned building. Thus, when you enroll your child with us, you can assure that we will not be moving away from our current location. Having our own building also allows us to develop infrastructure as needed. Along with spacious brightly lit classrooms, our facilities include a well-stocked library, dedicated science laboratories, sports fields and hobby classes.


We are affiliated to the CBSE Board, Affiliation Number: 830947.


Our aim is to merge the best global practices in education with Indian cultural sensibilities. Thus, we offer the best teaching methodologies and the most advanced technology to help children learn. For us mere academic excellence is not enough. Our primary aim is to foster good human beings. Thus, along with scholastic studies we also pay attention to sports and extra-curricular activities. We help children recognize their strengths and give them opportunities to develop their talents and realize their potential. Our curriculum is also designed to help a child develop necessary life skills and build a well-grounded, stable character. In this way, children educated in India may tomorrow become leaders on a global platform.

  • Objectives

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  • Vision

  • Mission

At Naksha Academy Bangalore, the essence of a child's education lies in their holistic development. We provide an academic environment which treats each child as a unique individual. At Naksha Academy, we are committed to grooming a child's character and personality and nurturing their intellectual ability. Our educational model aims at equipping them with the necessary life skills needed for their future. Through our teaching methods, we help children recognize and realize their potential to the fullest. For our students, the sky is their only limit.

Inculcating the right values in a child is our prime concern. By being examples of good human beings themselves and through their interaction with students, our teachers, and management work towards building a good character in each child. We impress the principles of honesty, responsibility, patience, resilience, and leadership on all our students. The culture at Naksha Academy inspires students to be sensitive to the needs of others and thus helps them grow into mature, grounded individuals. However, we cannot do this alone and hence urge parents to partner with us and provide a similar environment for their children at home. We believe that this will hold them in good stead for years to come.

Our vision is to see every student at Naksha Academy grow beyond his/her capabilities and dreams. To foster a culture of learning and growth for children that will make them outshine in society and the world as international leaders, innovators and key decision makers. To engrave in them the moral values and ethics that will make them responsible citizens and respect the culture and heritage of our nation.

To educate, empower and build student into becoming key leaders who would build a better society intentionally, innovate new ideas and strategies that will result in influencing changes in society and the world at all levels.

Pillars of Naksha

SMT. Nalina Satish Reddy


It all started with a dream to open an educational institution for the welfare of society, immense determination and a strong belief that a person should always learn from their successes and failures. Successes motivating one to keep doing what is right again and failures teaching one to learn from mistakes made. Today, Naksha Academy Bangalore is the dream child of Mrs. Nalini Satish. She is a hard working passionate woman with a vision of building tomorrow’s society by inculcating values in today’s children. She has taken on the responsibility of Chairperson of Naksha Academy and aims at moulding children to be successful in following their interests.

As Chairperson of the ‘NAKSHA ACADEMY’, I promise you a utmost care by our dedicated, highly qualified, and experienced faculty without any bias or prejudice.

I repeat, “we have changed our School name but not our promise”


Founder, Director

Mr. Satish Reddy is simple, hard-working and the Founder and Director of Naksha Academy, Bangalore. It was his dream to establish an educational institution which would help in educating children to be successful in today is competitive world and face the many challenges it poses. His simplicity is the inspiration for members of the school, while his hard work and a strong commitment to everything he undertakes has gone a long way to making the school and landmark educational institution in Gunjur. He is a pillar of the institution with a vision of creating a better tomorrow for the society.

Join us, in our journey.......