Nurturing Bright Minds Naksha Academy A Leading CBSE School

January 1, 1970 By Admin


Institutions such as Naksha Academy, a renowned CBSE school that breeds future leaders play a significant role in molding young brains.

The Importance of STEM Education:

STEM education goes beyond gaining knowledge in these fields; it involves creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration among students. At Naksha Academy, we understand the need to embed STEM principles in our curriculum to equip learners for tomorrow’s challenges.

Naksha Academy's Approach to Inspiring Innovators:

At Naksha Academy we believe in an all-round learning environment where scholars can experiment and innovate. We seek to foster curiosity and love for studies among our students through hands-on projects, interactive sessions, and industry linkages.

Key Programs at Naksha Academy:

STEM Workshops:

The school organizes regular STEM workshops where students participate in practical experiments and projects aimed at deepening their understanding of science concepts.

Tech Clubs:

We have technology clubs through which students can examine coding, robotics, and the rest of the latest technologies under the guidance of mentors who possess vast experience in this field.

Empowering Students for Future Success:

Naksha Academy is dedicated to cultivating a culture of curiosity, innovation, and continuous learning as we strive to teach our students skills that will enable them to conquer an increasingly challenging world. With these attributes in mind, our school has been structured to nurture resilience and eagerness while interacting with various forms of knowledge.

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